Welcome to the Technology Centers for Networks and Pathways Portal

Who we are

Center on Proteolytic Pathways
Burnham Institute (La Jolla, CA) -
PI: Jeffrey W. Smith, Ph.D.
  New Tools for Exploring the Dynamic Interactome
Rockefeller University (New York, NY) -
Principal Investigator: Michael P. Rout, Ph.D
Fluorescent Probes and Imaging for Networks and Pathways
Carnegie-Mellon University/University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA) 
PI: Alan S. Waggoner, Ph.D.
  Polarity in Networks and Pathways
University of Connecticut School of Medicine and Dentistry (Farmington, CT) 
PI: Leslie M. Loew, Ph.D
Networks and Pathways of Lysine Modification
The Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD)
PI: Jef D. Boeke, D.Sc., Ph.D.

What we do

The primary goal of the National Technology Centers for Networks and Pathways is to develop new ways to study the dynamics of molecular interactions within cells. Understanding these dynamic interactions will shed light on the normal functions of molecular systems and their abnormal functions in disease.

These centers develop new technology and expertise, apply them to challenging biomedical research problems, and make these tools available as a resource for the community.


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